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Institutional values


The purpose of this handbook is to publicize the SDS philosophy, policies, and procedures to ensure that all members of our community work together. There are many important reasons why the implementation and understanding of this handbook is crucial for the well-being of our school.  First of all we are special, because we have a bilingual program where a multi-cultural environment is presented.  By having members of the community from different cultures and with different experiences, the educational experience is enriched, only when there is clarity of objectives.  The two languages used in SDS are an added value or an advantage, but they can also become a barrier.  For this reason the understanding of the basic rules becomes essential.



Saint David School is an Educational Center of the Dominican Republic, whose mission is to offer a Bilingual Education program of excellent quality, taking into account the national and international context and thus meet the demands of the new millennium. Facilitate the personal growth of each individual student, in such a way that they have a positive contribution to the modern world, demonstrating a deep conviction of the importance of education in values and the traditions and cultural characteristics of the country of origin.



Saint David School maintains high expectations in its academic program, through two unified curricula to strengthen learning, through the coordination of purposes, content, and learning strategies. The Center offers academic excellence with qualified and dedicated educators determined to offer an individualized education.

Our values

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