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Our objectives




spiritual development

1. SDS is not affiliated with any particular church or religion.  Our faculty and student body have a variety of         religious beliefs and we teach acceptance, tolerance and understanding.


2. We recognize the importance of a strong values education and encourage our teachers to actively nurture a      highly moral code of conduct in their own lives and in the lives of our students.

3. It is permissible to share personal religious beliefs.


Personal development

1. The family is particularly important in the Dominican culture. The strengthening of respect and concern for the family should be encouraged.


2. Teachers are located “in loco parentis” and this means that they have the responsibility to care for the intellectual, physical, moral and emotional well-being of the children and young people under their command.



Academic development

1. The teaching staff, together with the parents, is responsible for promoting the desire to learn in all students. In this way we work to provide modern and complete instruction in all areas of the curriculum, using the available materials and have the motivation to find additional sources of information to enrich the quality of instruction..

2. The comprehensive assessment system throughout the school year is an ongoing process and is communicated regularly via report cards, formal and informal meetings and conversations. Therefore, we request parent involvement to achieve success or improvement for students.



Environmental Policy

The  SAINT DAVID SCHOOL  is an educational institution committed to offering an optimal bilingual education, in accordance with the evolution of modern times.  It has integrated into its curriculum subjects and topics of environmental education, with the purpose of creating in its student and teacher population, awareness of environmental problems and the multiple ways to face them and thus achieve continuous improvement of the environment.

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