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Km. 1 1/2, Don Pedro Highway,

Santiago of the Knights 51000

Phone (809) 724-0996

Fax (809) 724-0766

Logo SDS.png
Logo SDS.png

Administrative Director

Ing. Raul A. Diaz, MA

Phone (809) 724-0996  Ext 101

Academic Director 

Jennie Gardner de Diaz, B.Ed., (Hons.); M.Sc.

phone  (809) 724-0996  Ext 103

High School Coordinator: / Dominican Curriculum

Mr. Nelson Santos

Phone (809) 724-0996  Ext 104

Primary School Coordinator: 2nd-6th /  Junior High School: 7th-8th / 

Dominican Curriculum

Mr. Warlin Gomez, MA

phone  (809) 724-0996  Ext 108

Psychology & Orientation Dept. /

Preschool Level & First Grade Coord.

Dominican Curriculum

Ms. Vanessa Suazo

Phone (809) 724-0996  Ext 107

Middle School Coordinator: 5-6th

High School: 7th - 12th/

American Curriculum

Ms. Johanna Taveras, MA

phone  (809) 724-0996  Ext 108

Technology Coordinator /

Dominican & American Curriculum

Mr Anderson Florian

phone  (809) 724-0996  Ext 100


Travel Indications     saint david school - college


Take La Av. Juan Pablo Duarte, turn to the left hand side in Don Lindo , getting to La Carretera Don Pedro, then turn to the left, and go straight ahead 'till you get to  Saint DavidSchool.

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