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Jennifer Gardner  de Diaz, M.Sc.  (Academic Director)  known to her students as "Miss Jennie" is a dynamic person, of Welsh origin, Great Britain. Married to Geologist Raúl Ambiorix Díaz, MA, she has lived in the Dominican Republic for more than 30 years.  and how his  two children were born here, she considers this country as her adopted homeland.
Ing. Raul A. Diaz, MA,  (Administrative Director), Dominican nationality,  is a Geologist graduated from the PUCMM University, RD with a specialty in Mining Geology from the University of Wales (University of Wales) and, in addition, in 2007 he obtained a Master in Environmental Management}, from the Universities of  Huelva (Spain) and UTESA (RD).
Miss Jennie graduated Bachelor of Education (Honours)  Magna Cum Laude  at the University of Wales in 1980 and in 2011 she completed a Masters in Bilingual Education  at Nova Southeastern University, USA.  
She worked in different schools in the Dominican Republic before founding, together with her husband, Saint David School in 1999.

Dear Parents:  

I feel privileged to serve the educational community of Saint David School. I am convinced that it is our duty to provide quality education to young Dominicans. We are a team: students, parents and school staff, working together with the same vision. !Thanks for your support!  

To be honest,  
Ms.  Jennie Gardner, M.Sc.   
Academic Director 

In 2003, after a successful career in the mining sector, he joined full time to ensure the development of the school.  

Under his direction, Saint David School was able to enjoy the extensive facilities of its current premises. Since its foundation, he has worked with the goal of maintaining the continuous improvement of the school in terms of infrastructure, technology, and teaching resources in general.  

During his career, Ing.  Raul A. Díaz has had the opportunity to travel and explore different cultures around the world. These experiences have enriched them with the necessary knowledge to develop an educational community that respects the patriotic values of their country, the Dominican Republic, and at the same time appreciates the richness and diversity that the modern world offers.   

Ing. Raul A. Diaz, MA

director  Administrative

Our Philosophy & Values
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The purpose of this handbook is to publicize the SDS philosophy, policies, and procedures to ensure that all members of our community work together.  There are many important reasons why implementation is crucial  and understanding of  East  Handbook  for the welfare of our school. 

First of all we are special, because we have a bilingual program where a multi-cultural environment is presented.  By having members of the community from different cultures and with different experiences, the educational experience is enriched, only when there is clarity of objectives. 

Our history

The Saint David School was born from the idea of developing a different educational project that would provide the Dominican community with the opportunity to study in a bilingual program that would forge their academic knowledge in both Spanish and English .  

   The hard teamwork & collaboration of

Saint David School 1999

various professionals in the area during the course of the history of SDS, made it possible for 5 students and only one academic degree to become a successful school with more than 300 students and with all academic levels that comprise the Dominican educational system.

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